Romain Ley Photography | About
A whole web page....about me???! You must be kidding! I mean, I'm like you; I love music, sunshine on my face, a good laugh, a nice movie, a wood fire, a warm see, just like you! This is your wedding, your gig, your headshot, not's all about you right now!

Does that do it? No? Ok, I'll try a bit harder:
So voilà, I'm Romain and I live in Brighton. I've been here for 15 years now (I was only meant to stay for a few months)
I mainly specialise in wedding, live band and headshot photography. Needless to mention that I love taking much as I love tasting a good camembert with a glass of red wine (yes I'm French and yes I do like ripe cheese...and no I don't walk around with onions around my neck, not when out there taking pictures anyway)
What really gets me going is capturing the energy and emotion at a couple's big day, a gig or a headshot session, it is always very humbling to be part of such unique moments.
I like to work in a discreet and relaxed manner to let whoever I'm photographing be themselves at all times.
My style is mainly documentary although I can also produce more choreographed images and provide direction when required. I also love creating double exposures to give an extra dimension to my images. 

But enough about me talking about me. Here are some testimonies:

"Romain was punctual, smart and unobtrusive. He covered the day exactly as asked and was very sympathetic to the event meaning that he didn't get in the way or proceedings. The important thing is the results and there were some great candid shots, so all in all very pleased with his work and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective clients" Tony (Best man)

"Such a nice guy, very professional and reliable, would recommend for your special occasion" Sean (newly married)

"Wow, thanks for the pictures, they look amazing!!" Charlotte (newly married)

"Thanks again for the shots, they convey a lot about me. Just what I need for my career"
Barbara (actress)

"I never knew I could look so charismatic on a piece of photo paper" Ian (actor)